DUI - Deferred Prosecution Program
Many individuals first enter treatment through the legal system. Crossroads works closely with the Department of Licensing, attorneys, district courts, and probation to ensure that clients who are involved with the legal system are provided with a progam that meets each individuals legal requirements.

 Deferred Prosecution
The material below is informational only. Any individual who is involved with the legal system as the result of an alcohol or other drug related offense and is considering petitioning for a Deferred Prosecution should seek the advice of an attorney or other officer of the court.

 RCW 10.05.150 - Alcoholism Program Requirements
A deferred prosecution program for alcoholism shall be for a two-year period and shall include, but not be limited to, the following requirements:
  1. Total abstinence from alcohol and all other nonprescribed mind-altering drugs;
  2. Participation in an intensive inpatient or intensive outpatient program in a state-approved alcoholism treatment program;
  3. Participation in a minimum of two meetings per week of an alcoholism self-help recovery support group, as determined by the assessing agency, for the duration of the treatment program;
  4. Participation in an alcoholism self-help recovery support group, as determined by the assessing agency, from the date of court approval of the plan to entry into intensive treatment;
  5. Not less than weekly approved outpatient counseling, group or individual, for a minimum of six months following the intensive phase of treatment;
  6. Not less than monthly outpatient contact, group or individual, for the remainder of the two-year deferred prosecution period;
  7. The decision to include the use of prescribed drugs, including disulfiram, as a condition of treatment shall be reserved to the treating facility and the petitioner's physician;
  8. All treatment within the purview of this section shall occur within or be approved by a state-approved alcoholism treatment program as described in chapter 70.96A RCW;
  9. Signature of the petitioner agreeing to the terms and conditions of the treatment program.