Monitored Suboxone Program
At Crossroads Treatment Center we understand that conventional treatment options are not always beneficial to every client. Therefore, for those suffering with significant opiate addictions that have not found success in conventional recovery programs, our monitored Suboxone program could be effective.

This program is only for the opiate addict who is currently taking or interested in obtaining a prescription for medically monitored Suboxone and engaging in treatment to enable a healthy productive recovery.

If there is interest in this program, the first step is to come in to our office to fill out paperwork and schedule an assessment appointment. Upon completion of this assessment to determine qualification for this program, you will be immediately referred to a prescribing physician and entered into our treatment program.

Our eight (8) month Suboxone Program consists of an interactive group process that requires a commitment towards recovery.

 First 2 Months: 24 Intensive Outpatient Sessions (3 times per week, 3 hours per session)

 Next 3 Months: 12 Relapse Prevention Sessions (1 time per week, 2 hours per session)

 Last 3 Months: 14 Weekly Aftercare Sessions (1 time per week, 1.5 hours per session)

 Throughout Treatment: 5-6 Individual Sessions (as needed, 1 hour per session)

 Entire 8 Months: Weekly attendance of 2 outside Sober Support groups is required

During the entire treatment process, your counselor will keep in close contact with your physician to ensure your success.